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Wang Zhenjun is a famous calligrapher China, his pen circle known cursive, powerful, smooth and unrestrained, diverse, or forceful heavy, or rigid and soft, or smart and elegant. The calligraphy skills will be skilled, skilled techniques into the depths of his own temperament, calligraphy personality throughout the whole process of the double body calligrapher, calligraphy is committed to the pursuit of a higher realm, with a distinctive personality charm to write classical calligraphy art ides.
In May 2017, Wang Zhenjun cursive works yuanduzhongyang debut UK, exhibited in the second Cannes Chinese culture art festival; in August of the same year, he went to Hunan to participate in the CCTV arts channel Changsha micro film and charity, and for the local children to teach calligraphy education popularization. His calligraphy works have been popular collectors at home and abroad, and he was always indifferent to fame and wealth, silently a pool. Recently, the reporter walked into his calligraphy studio, revealing Wang Zhenjun's profound cultural background and love of life. With the unique fragrance of the pen and ink, he had an unforgettable talk with him.
Schwimmer blending - diffuse bookish
The Qing Dynasty calligrapher Yang Shoujing commenting on the calligrapher said: "a high character, high product is beautiful and elegant pen does not fall, it should be two; knowledge rich, chest Luo all books of the gas, the natural overflow in the row." What is the book? A calligraphy critic has said: gentle meteorological radiate bookish knowledge is rich in all the great Calligraphers' works, it is one of the important criteria to evaluate the pros and cons of high calligraphy. Wang Zhenjun was born in a family of scholar, he has been the pursuit of traditional culture. He followed his father to learn calligraphy, learn the advantages and essence of all kinds of calligraphy, the final choice in cursive, the works, the size of the actual radius of rigid, black and white, meaning tricks have great originality and liberal, a rigorous, ancient heritage and new, elegant line of gas rhyme, reflect the art of calligraphy, the beauty of the text "beauty, beauty, beauty of art. Wang Zhenjun also attached great importance to the connotation of words. Calligraphy is the best spiritual home. A person picks up a brush and enters a new world." Wang Zhenjun believes that calligraphy and literature are complementary, and no literary works of calligraphy is hollow. The creation of a good calligraphy works need to have a high comprehensive quality of writing, especially the whims of truth, art is full of passion and Inspiration of the rich and delicate emotions, has the connotation of the works to do book viewer, the same with the hi tragedy realm.
Chinese excellent traditional culture, is a general term for the Chinese nation for thousands of years to create material and spiritual wealth, after thousands of years of development, evolution, collision, rheology, integration, and gradually formed a unified, rich gradually gradually improving, both inclusive and the stability of the system. In Wang Zhenjun's view, the traditional culture has an important role in supporting and nurturing for the art of calligraphy, is the fundamental foundation for contemporary calligraphers. Traditional culture determines the personality, artistic outlook and aesthetic orientation of calligraphers. He thought, become a calligrapher must have two conditions: first, there are second, cultivation techniques. Knowledge includes knowledge and calligraphy calligraphy field outside the field of comprehensive training, if only on one aspect can not be called you. "Part of the learning process of calligraphy in word, part of the word, double technical repair, came into." Wang Zhenjun believes that the art of calligraphy, calligraphy works to impress the audience, to give aesthetic pleasure and enjoyment of the audience, you need to have a certain aesthetic consciousness and aesthetic pursuit, have certain moral, literary accomplishment and aesthetic accomplishment. Wang Zhenjun is also good at learning and improve their knowledge, skill, make your calligraphy is "Yuyu Hu Bunya", filled with fresh and pleasant bookish.
Wang Zhenjun accepted the influence of the city, an interview with an international network television reporter
Free from vulgarity - single-minded and distant
Although there are all kinds of books on reading, Wang Zhenjun said: "and when do life force", for decades, every historical stage of the formation of the script he focuses on the formation of a stable style in the integration of innovation, "the similarities and differences between the changes in the history of calligraphy to grasp the calligraphy creation the law of mutual learning and mutual penetration, development, regarded as an effective way of learning calligraphy."
Wang Zhenjun calligraphy style mastery, side like simplicity, symmetry, stippling Runzao properly, gas is sufficient, abundant gas. In the paper in the form of rich and varied with the point, let the pen brush peak display in the beginning and end of the line, the static calligraphy "live", reveal the rich vibrant, dynamic elastic dynamic beauty. Born with elegant script book style, contains a graceful and solemn and quiet, let Wang Zhenjun love to the extreme. In his works, he will be feeling through the hands of the pen and ink, into a lively and vivid stipple shape, echo to adjust the relationship between words and words in a wider range, or create conflicts between words, and then skillfully resolve, balance and harmony in the new movement, the formation of "lively" calligraphy works.
Full of vitality and passion between calligraphy and ink dots, saw in the flow of blood, in the surging....... Wang Zhenjun believes that Qi is a flowing life, and rhyme is the spirit of change. The use of Qi is like the flow of water. The expression of the rhyme is like a mountain. The two are relative, balanced and controllable. In the course of study and creation of calligraphy, he advocated learning to follow the tradition, go deep into tradition, write, write, and write. When it comes to innovation, he always believes that the need for innovation in the tradition, breaking the rules and regulations is based on the first to recognize the rules and regulations, think of the ancient. Recognizing the successful practices of the ancients for thousands of years, developing and innovating on the basis of inheriting the tradition.
Once his brush, whether it is two feet, four feet, six feet, eight feet of the works, whether words such as cattle, small words such as mosquitoes, Wang Zhenjun with ease, go. The line of the rhythm and intensity of hidden in the bottom of ink in the performance of the wrist, and this should be a very ancient, very strong and increasingly static philosophy. The pen with the charm, ancient remains in the waves with the rhythm of life. His calligraphy is full of ink, simple and elegant, with strong vitality and artistic charm, so that people can see the beauty of calligraphy and the beauty of calligraphy. "When others sleep in my word, while others in the shopping entertainment I in calligraphy. Calligraphy is my life's work. I often write overnight. I can say I dedicate my whole life to calligraphy." Wang Zhenjun said: "art can not be a little false, calligraphy is especially so, there is no shortcut to learning calligraphy, must first have a foundation, there is style, we can not abandon the traditional style. Basic skills are not practiced solid, it is impossible to have personal style. There is no royal road to learning calligraphy, there is no shortcut."
DeYiShuangXin, not seek fame and wealth
Wang Zhenjun school, happy. Actively participate in social welfare activities, whenever the writing of "Qi Shen" three characters, to see his elegant demeanour, infected with the presence of each audience. In August 7th this year, the influence of CCTV China line into the Liaoning painting and calligraphy pen, China famous director, CCTV China director Liu Jun for influence, the influence of the city international network television reporter Ren Keke, Dalian Wang Renxuan decoration engineering company chairman Zhang Hongwei attended,

Wang Zhenjun impromptu huihaopomo writing the "China dream

Wang Zhenjun impromptu huihaopomo writing the "China dream, after all China dream is the dream of the people, must closely rely on the people to achieve, must continue for the benefit of the people". Win everybody's applause. Immediately, Dalian Hong decoration engineering company chairman Zhang Hongwei of Renxuan.
A few years of his artistic creation way, especially as a living in the downtown area of great saphenous who concentrated cruising in the art world, continue to climb the spire of the art of calligraphy, let yourself go far higher in the art of calligraphy on the road. A calligrapher who studies traditional culture for a long time is bound to be influenced by traditional virtues. The so-called "book as", "heart regular pen", can see the importance of his character. Wang Zhenjun believes that Chinese calligraphy art has shaped the personality, cultivate character, enhance knowledge and life adjustment function. Calligraphy exerts a subtle influence on people through artistic language and artistic image, which is intuitive, comprehensive and persistent. Based on the study of calligraphy, Wang Zhenjun gradually realize the beauty of calligraphy simplicity, he believed that calligraphy is really the best ways to make yourself, and inner dialogue and writing, the need for a more loneliness, clinging to the perfect spirit.
The famous director Liu Junming China and macro Renxuan decoration engineering company chairman Zhang Hongwei
To study and copy the works of the ancients is Wang Zhenjun's daily compulsory course. The training of techniques enables him to easily understand the information contained in ancient calligraphic works. Many of the ancient calligraphy masters, he made meticulous clinical learning. He was associate with the ancients, and classic dialogue, endure loneliness, in ecstasies ink field work. It is such a calm, sink, don't float about to make unremitting efforts and pursuit, the heart smart, smart, omnipresent feeling, paving the way for him to the art of calligraphy. He said that a perfect work, the first to move people is the spirit, is an eternal, long-term internal strength. He often reflects on his works and achievements, and Chang Chenqian often denies himself. He has a pious attitude, persistent pursuit, profound thought and peace of mind in calligraphy. "The wonderful use of heart", this is Wang Zhenjun's calligraphy charm, as well as the personality charm.
Calligraphy, calligraphy and calligraphy. Wang Zhenjun's relentless pursuit of the art of calligraphy, he has always maintained a traditional Confucian literati China mentality, work in his calligraphy art in soil, enjoying the wonderful life of calligraphy.

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